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If you were born in………..

January 23, 2010

Here is something to ponder. If you are born in Germany, no matter what your ethnic background you are considered German. So why in our Great Country are we allowing minority groups to destroy our American identity by allowing them to call themselves anything but American.

My ethnic background is Italian and Mexican. What does that make me? Yep you guessed it American. I say screw the term Mexican-American. I am American and that is that.

If you want to be identified as African, Irish, Mexican, Russian,or whatever-American get your rear end a plane ticket and go home. I guarantee you will be back within a year and calling yourself a what? An American.


Welcome to my Thoughts about our country

January 23, 2010

I Love America. I serve America. I am American. Throughout this journey of information I will present, I will hopefully give you some insight on what it means to be American to me. I hope to take our country back from the dredge of the world.